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Mattress Rina Coconut Comfort Line



The mattress “RINA COCONUT COMFORT LINE” is covered with cotton cloth. The cover  is suitable for washing in a washing machine at 30 degrees and ironing at 40 degrees. The textile has no harmful substances. The cover can be easily removed and changed. The mattress  offers unique comfort  for sleep and it  has excellent air circulation. The mattress can’t be used in wet places. It is desirable the room and the mattress without cover to be regularly  ventilate.

The mattress “RINA COCONUT COMFORT LINE”  consist of:

  1. a cover with soft, airy and healthy cotton stitch – type “jersey”;
  2. silicone, ventilated fibers;
  3. flossy lining;
  4. polyurethane foam;
  5. combinationofnatural fiber with coconut latex.

Composition:40% cotton, 60% polyester.

Available sizes:

60/120 – thickness: 10 cm; 17 cm

65/110 – thickness: 10 cm; 17 cm

70/130 – thickness: 10 cm; 17 cm

70/140 – thickness:10 cm; 17 cm

65/160 – thickness: 10 cm; 17 cm

70/180 – thickness: 10 cm; 17 cm